─ Govt wins 1st sitting of 5th Annual National Youth Parliament

─ Prime Minister Charlie Adhar awarded ‘Best Debater’

─ Opposition Leader Breanna Ramnarain awarded ‘Best Speaker’

Youth Parliamentarian, fifteen-year-old (15yrs) Charlie Adhar, was the Prime Minister for the first sitting of the fifth Annual National Youth Parliament. He led his government to victory in the tabling of their motions in the National Assembly.

The government tabled two motions, the first being the banning of single-use plastics and the second being the implementation of effort to curb substance abuse in schools.

Youth Parliamentarian, Breanna Ramnarain, as the opposition leader, tabled motions for a more combined approach to be taken when dealing with discipline in schools, and for amendments to be made to Guyana’s copyright laws.news 20190815 10

Before announcing the winning side of the debate and bestowing the titles of Best Speaker and Best Debater, Minister of Education, Hhon. Dr. Nicolette Henry had a few words for the students.

“I am proud of all of you, and I commend all of you for your great performance. I can see that the future of Guyana is bright, and I know that each of you as you navigate your developmental journey will contribute to moving Guyana from strength to strength.”

Prime Minister Adhar was awarded the title of ‘Best Debater’. He took some time to share with the Department of Public Information (DPI) his experience at this year’s Youth Parliament.

“My experience has been wonderful. I’ve met some very interesting people representing both the government and the opposition, and I have learnt a lot… I intend to get into politics and law, mostly because I’ve always enjoyed public speaking growing up. So, I believe this is one of the best ways to use that skill to help people.”

Despite their loss, Youth Parliamentarian Ramnarain, who was the Leader of the Opposition, was awarded the title of ‘Best Speaker’. She gave insight on her experience with the Youth Parliament.

“Having an opportunity to be a part of the Youth Parliament 2019 has been a blessing, honestly it has, and the experience is amazing… So, yes, I really really loved the experience here.”

The second sitting of the 5th Annual National Youth Parliament will be held on Thursday, August 15 and will feature students from the University of Guyana (UG).