─ children more equipped to contribute to Guyana’s transformation

More children are being equipped to contribute to Guyana’s transformation, and development as the Ministry of Education continues to roll out initiatives to improve educational performance.

The government’s continuous increases in budgetary allocations are ensuring that the quality of education delivered across the country can drive national development.

During the first half of 2019, a total sum of $21.7Billion was expended, accounting for 41.5% of the allocated amount to the sector. This represents an increase of 21.6% over 2018.

The Ministry of Education has completed a draft of the Education Sector Strategic Plan in the first half of this year. In June, consultations with stakeholders commenced in Regions 2 and 8. Discussions in the remaining regions are expected to be completed before the end of the year following which the plan will be finalised.news 20190815 3

This will be complemented by a performance expenditure review of the sector. The review will help to guide the changes in keeping with global best practices necessary to ensure that every child is equipped to contribute to Guyana’s transformation. It will also raise a generation that will be equipped with the necessary skills to ensure a good life for all.

The Ministry of Education means business. This is evident through the countless initiatives piloted and sustained over the last six months. Among the initiatives includes an increase in teaching salaries and wages, improved educational infrastructure and more nursery, primary and secondary schools, the improvement of science laboratories, smart classrooms, training of more teachers, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics into the curriculum, and the ongoing process of reformation of the curriculum, an exercise not undertaken since 1976.

The Education Minister, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry has continuously reiterated her commitment to improving the sector and has been consistently doing so over the last six months.

The minister has visited several schools in almost all administrative regions. More importantly, she has commissioned scores of schools and engaged parents on the importance of parent involvement in the successful performance of their children.