— residents on the Coast and Hinterland can learn from each other – Min. Henry

The Education Minister, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry has said her sector will continue to tap into the Indigenous culture to boost the education curriculum in Guyana. According to the minister, due to their compatibility with nature, the Indigenous peoples are among our greatest teachers.

“Every day we learn from them,” Minister Henry said.

She added that scientists are aware of medical and other technological benefits they can derive from the Indigenous peoples.

“They [Indigenous peoples] go to the most remote parts of the world to understand how they can better co-exist with their environment. And so, we will continue to exchange and to have the flow of information on both sides between the coast and the hinterland.”

The minister was a guest on the National Communications’ Network (NCN Inc.) Voice of Guyana (VOG) radio programme.

She acknowledged that daily, much of what is used locally and internationally originates from Indigenous communities. The minister further noted its relevance to the Coalition’s thrust to develop a ‘Green’ the economy.

“The Green State Development Strategy would have had to take into consideration practices that make up the simple lifestyle of our First Peoples.”

Minister Henry explained that her ministry has embarked on a process of ensuring that information is also delivered in a culturally relevant context, via curriculum reform.

“The approach does not necessarily mean a concept/subject would be taught in the exact way in Georgetown as it would be taught in [for instance] Lethem, because what is available in the community; the local ingredients may differ, so there are many lessons to be learnt.”

She added that there is still much to more to learn, from the exchange of ideas and technologies between coast landers and Indigenous residents. Examples of technologies gained from Indigenous peoples include medicinal plants, weather patterns, animal behaviour, husbandry, local conservation method, materials’ designs and many others.