After the successful completion of the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA), two El Paso Primary School students were awarded Mahdia Secondary School. This serves as a testament that the government’s investment in the education sector, over the past four years, has been productive.

More importantly, both students are beneficiaries of the President’s 5B’s initiative – free Buses, Boats, Bicycles, Books and Breakfast.

Region 8 has been awarded the most improved region at this year’s NGSA. Alluding to this, Education Minister, Hon. Dr. Nicolette Henry said this was a result of deliberate interventions by the ministry because every child deserves a quality education.

The minister made these remarks on Friday at a community meeting in El Paso, Potaro-Siparuni. The community meeting followed a government outreach held in Mahdia earlier on 20190805 5

“What we do here as a government is to come and to meet and to connect to the people. It is part of what we said we were going to do as a government – to ensure that we work with communities, to have dialogue so that we can improve your lives,” Minister Henry assured.

With the understanding of the important role that education plays in a nation’s development, the government has taken the bold and necessary step, since assuming office, to continue investing heavily in the sector.