The Department of Education Region Four, yesterday hosted its fifth Regional Awards Ceremony under the theme, “Recognising and Celebrating our achievements.”

Held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), the ceremony presents the region an opportunity to honour outstanding schools, students, teachers and retirees.

Delivering the feature address, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana Professor Ivelaw Griffith urged that more emphasis be placed on the value of respect, honesty and excellence for teachers to enhance development in their 20181206 27

“Teachers and students are manifestations of using the simple tools to further the horizon of knowledge, to set the stage for personal growth; to set the stage for national development… we at times, lament what we do not have, but we need to emphasise the value of what we have so we must embrace, celebrate and motivate others who do not have,” Griffith 20181206 32

Genevieve Allen, Regional Chairman (RC) said that this year’ performance highlights what students can achieve, with diligence and guidance from the regional and education 20181206 26

“I think that there are so many more successes…because of initiatives where we saw our students excel in many areas under the review of our government…we are certainly on the road to success,” Allen said.

She thanked the teachers for the roles they have played in enhancing the performance of their 20181206 31

Allen noted that the administration will continue to work assiduously with relevant stakeholders under ‘one dream, one vision and one understanding’ to achieve more in 2019.

In addition, Tiffany Favourite-Harvey, acting Regional Education Officer (REdO) applauded the awardees for their performance, noting that this is made possible due to the hardworking staff of the education 20181206 28

“As a region, we have seen successes and growth in various areas hence we will be recognising those today. The top performers in National Grade Two, Four, Six, CSEC and CAPE. We have seen improvement in the matriculation rate (and) we are ready to pool our resources to ensure that we see continuous growth,” she 20181206 30

Among the awardees were Peter’s Hall Primary, for Outstanding Performance at the 2018 NGTA; Beterverwagting/ Quamina Primary School for Most Improved School for NGTA 2018; Swami Purnananda Primary School for Outstanding Performance for NGFA and NGSA 2018, and Ann’s Grove Primary School for Most Improved School for NGSA 2018.