In an effort to increase students’ achievements through an efficient and effective education system, several Regional Education Officers and other relevant stakeholders gathered, today to begin a five-day Policy Formulation workshop.

Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry said the workshop would allow the ministry to set clear objectives to be achieved in terms of equity in quality and access to services offered by the ministry.

“This government, your government is committed to transforming Guyana’s education sector over the next decade and beyond. The goal and purpose of the education system is to equip our students holistically to allow them to succeed in the 21st century amidst the opportunities and challenges this era presents,” she 20190121 18

According to Minister Henry, the workshop would help build on the progress of the ministry and its achievements, thus far: “We have seen some key outcomes from the 2014 to 2018 sector plan which will remain important outcomes for the sector… we will want to see the improvements of students at all levels particularly in those subject areas where the performance would have been less than stellar.”

She stressed that the ministry would continue to focus resources on reducing the disparities in the performance of students between the coastland and hinterland and as it relates to children with special education needs and 20190122 2

Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson said this workshop should be considered a movement as it speaks to continuity and the involvement of relevant stakeholders since communication is the key. “In large organisations like the Ministry of Education, communication such as engagement is critical so that everyone understands his or her responsibilities and departments are effective in coordinating their efforts.”

According to the CEO, the plan would not only keep young people in school but teachers and administers connected, since a well implemented communicative plan holds all staff accountable for their actions. It also aims to encourage collaboration.

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Representative Sylvie Fouet said the exercise highlighted the importance of the need to reshape the education system going forward, especially with the introduction of the oil and gas 20190122 1

This includes addressing issues such as gender violence, migration, teenage pregnancy, natural disasters among others in the development of the nation’s future leaders. The workshop is a collaborative effort between the ministry and the UNICEF Education Sector Plan (ESP).