─ govt to address other issues in the area

─ residents urged to hold RDC accountable

─ govt committed to developing Reg. 10 communities

─ “I am here to listen and to help” – Min. Jordan

─ parents urgent to utilise Ministry of Social Protection’s Circumstances Unit programmes to ensure assistance is granted to students in need

Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan, has indicated that he will employ the use of a structural engineer to examine to condition and strength of the Christianburg Primary School’s building. This follows several issues raised by residents of Christianburg, Linden during a ministerial outreach to the area on Saturday, February 3, 2018. The visit was organised to ascertain the levels of development, the areas of need and the concerns of citizens.

Many residents highlighted the dilapidated nature of the school and that fact that its closure has affected the children living in the area. According to the Parent Teacher’s Association, numerous letters and complaints were made to the previous PPP administration for repairs to the school, but those efforts proved futile.

These students are currently attending classes at St. Aidan’s Primary School in Blue Berry Hill, located some distance from their homes. The situation has hindered some students from receiving a quality education and the minister believes it is time to ‘get the ball rolling’.

However, while there, Minister Jordan also urged parents in need of assistance for their primary-aged children to take advantage of the Ministry of Social Protection’s Circumstances Unit (DCU) programmes. These programmes ensure that all students in need of assistance can receive a quality education.

The government has been looking into the all of the issues surrounding the school and will address them promptly.

The ancient community of Christianburg is prided as being the oldest in Linden which houses one of the oldest schools in Region 10.