─ Min. Henry engages concerned parents at New Amsterdam market

─ visits Schools in the region

─ urges the public to pay attention to what is happening in the sector

─ Education Sector publication distributed during sensitisation outreach

The Ministry of Education is sensitising the public about the tremendous volume of work it has been doing over the past few years, to this end, the Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry embarked on a walkabout/distribution exercise in the New Amsterdam Market.

The minister shared several copies of the Ministry of Education’s publications to the vendors and consumers in the market today. She also urged them to read and stay aware of what is happening in the country – more specifically, the education sector.news 20190207 3

“If you do not read, you cannot know, you cannot grow and understand,” she underscored.

Several persons voiced their concerns with areas they believe need improvement and attention and the minister swiftly dealt with the problems, providing working solutions specific to each case.

While at the market, Minister Henry visited stalls, engaged vendors and sought to ensure all the persons she spoke were kept abreast with the developments within the education sector. They were also encouraged to share the information with those who would directly benefit from the programmes and services highlighted in the publication.news 20190207

Minister Henry, a Berbician herself, embraced old friends, teachers and colleagues traversing the area. She indicated her commitment to the sector and addressed issues head on.

“You need to be able to share this information with those around you, the ministry is working… This is not the last time you will see me,” Minister Henry added.news 20190207 2

The Education Minister’s visit today was one stop on her agenda, as she was in the area to commission three new science laboratory facilities costing more than $43M at the Canje Secondary School, Vryman’s Erven Secondary School and the Berbice Educational Institute.