─ Ministerial outreach in Rupununi Region

Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry today said it is a known fact that children on the coast have more opportunities than those in the hinterland.news 20190218 10

However, the minister assured this will be a thing of the past as the government has already taken steps to ensure all the nation’s children benefit the same in the area of education.

“This government has taken education as a priority,” she said.

Minister Henry and her colleagues are part of a larger ministerial outreach that is currently being conducted in Region 9 this weekend.

Upon her arrival in Lethem, the Education Minister’s first order of business was to commission two nursery schools and one smart classroom. The first of four for the Lethem Region.news 20190218 11

In terms of improvement in education, specifically in the area of technology, the minister says “it is important because it underpins what our children are taught”. She added that education reform has already started.

“Last reform of the curriculum system took place in 1976… but current reform has already started,” the Education Minister noted.

During the meet, residents requested another secondary school to be constructed in Lethem. The minister said the government is engaging stakeholders; however, this decision will be based on priority. It was also explained that at the moment the numbers at the St. Ignatius Secondary School are being reviewed.