─ report trafficking in persons on Hotline #592-227-4083

Several guidance counsellors and welfare officers were drawn from various regions across the country, to participate in a one-day Trafficking In Persons (TIP) sensitisation session. The Ministerial Taskforce facilitated the exercise at the Guyana Police Force’s Training Centre.

The exercise aims to provide these officers with the necessary information to help them identify trafficked persons within their schools – thereby preventing schools from becoming fertile ground for traffickers.

Minister of Public Security, Hon. Khemraj Ramjattan, who is also Chairman of the Taskforce, said it is important that they understand that trafficking can occur in full view yet go undetected. Therefore, he underscored, those in the education system must recognise the signs of a trafficked victim.

“It is all part and parcel of educating our populace to recognise the signals… that comes by training. Many persons have asked why we hold these training sessions. It is important, and it is important for those who will be interacting with the children in our school system, to also have a grasp of those involved in trafficking in persons,” the minister underscored.

Trafficking in persons, he said, is managed like a business enterprise and can negatively impact an emerging economy such as Guyana’s.

“It is that corrupting influence that is the most dangerous and that is why more and more we want our populace to understand the implications. It is not something to be treated lightly because there are consequences and implications for all of us.”

However, the minister pointed out that continuous training and awareness is what has helped Guyana maintain its Tier 1 status and garner convictions. Only recently, the Ministerial Taskforce launched its 2019/2020 TIP Action Plan.

The Task Force Coordinator, Oliver Profitt said the training would help those in the education system to be prepared to deal with the issue should children within schools be targeted. He urged them to make full use of the knowledge received, and act on information, when received, on trafficking in persons.

Anyone with information on persons being trafficked or persons involved in the trafficking of others can contact the TIP Hotline on 592-227-4083.