─ Education Ministry continues countrywide interventions

Claire Spelling, a sweeper/cleaner employed at the CV Nunes Primary School for more than 11 years is returning with great news to her coworkers following the latest ‘Government comes to you’ outreach in the Pomeroon-Supenaam Region at Damon Square, Anna Regina.

She approached the Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry at the outreach to have the issue of being underpaid addressed.

The Education Minister worked in cohesion with the Regional Education Officer (REdO), Nicola Mathews and assured Spelling that the ministry has been working assiduously to ensure that all persons are adequately paid for their service.news 20190531 10

Minister Henry announced that sweeper cleaners would soon receive their long-awaited salary increase as the ministry continues to make strides towards ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders in the education sector are met.

“I feel happy. [The Minister] say that they’re working on it,” an elated Spelling said after receiving the good news.

Minister Henry remarked that “most of the instances, the Cabinet decision [to raise the sweeper/cleaner wages] was not implemented [in every school] and so they were not getting their right wages. I was able to talk to the Regional Executive Officer, and I trust that this matter will be resolved soonest.”

She further explained that for the increase in salary to be implemented in all schools, some action would be needed at the central government level.

“We have to find out, across the country, what people are getting so that we know even before we get there, whether it is being implemented or not,” the Education Minister noted.

The historical outreach is being undertaken by more than 20 Ministries and government agencies and is geared at bringing the government’s services and officers directly to the people.