The Ruimveldt Life Improvement Centre (RLIC) is offering many students in the East Ruimveldt community a second chance at being successful.

The community, which faces a number of social issues, such as teenage pregnancy, unemployment, substance abuse and high school drop-out rates will benefit from a USAID funded programme through a collaborative effort with the centre.

The programme is aimed at fostering conducive environments for learning, while providing students with much-needed assistance to complete their assignments and to develop their knowledge in ‘weak subjects.’ It commenced in January and will last for 18 20190612 24

The programme began with a six-month pilot programme in 2018 where the RLIC focused mainly on skills training, which saw persons graduating and gainfully employed.

The After-School Programme also provides the children with a healthy snack. Project Coordinator, Denise Harris explained, “the After-School Programme is designed to help children that are weak not necessarily over all, but weak in a specific area.”news 20190612 22

The RLIC is equipped with computers and printers for assistance in printing research and other documents. Harris said the children are familiarised on the use of the computer, given the role of technology in the modern world.

The centre also keeps track of the children’s progress.

Manasseh Carrington, student of the Charlestown Secondary school said she joined the centre since 20190612 23 “It’s helping me with my work, I am more focused now, at first I never did assignments and take them in, and that was the reason why I fell back in class and my grades, but now I am able to do those assignments and get them in so I am able to improve my grades,” she related.

South Ruimveldt Secondary school student, Makeisha Glasgow shared similar sentiments, adding that she has encouraged several of her friends to join the programme and they all have recorded better grades.

Other areas benefitting from the programme are East La Penitence, Georgetown and Rosignol, Berbice. With a total of 61 students in Georgetown.