The University of Guyana (UG) today held its inaugural ‘Energy Think Tank’, an exploratory symposium with key stakeholders in the oil and gas sector.

The event was facilitated at the recently commissioned Jay and Sylvia Sobhraj Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Research at the University’s Turkeyen Campus.

As the government continues its efforts to ensure that the looming oil and gas industry becomes successful, it is also focused on the preservation of Guyana’s agriculture and other industries to ensure their survival.

The ‘Think Tank’ aims to discuss and share knowledge resources to prepare all stakeholders to make better decisions for a better Guyana.

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor Paloma Mohammed remarked that this launch is one in a series of events that the university has been undertaking to better educate, and facilitate discussions about the oil and gas sector.

UG has been hosting seminars, discussions and programmes to equip persons to respond to the problems that may arise with the introduction of the new sector.

Over the last year, the university along with government and other agencies has been implementing programmes and initiatives to prepare the population for first oil in Guyana.

The university now offers programmes in Petroleum and Geological Engineering, as well Disaster Risk management programmes.