― similar workshop set to be held in Reg. 3 from June 20-21

Another group of Social Studies Heads of Department (HOD) has commenced training to better understand and appreciate, diversity beyond race and ethnicity.

The two-day Diversity Education and Inclusion Workshop which is an initiative undertaken by the Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sport is being held at the National Racquet Centre, Woolford Avenue.

This workshop is a collaboration between the department and the Ministry of Education. It aims to allow educators to explore the negative internalised attitudes and stereotypes that impact the ways they perceive themselves and others.
Acting Programme Coordinator, Natasha Singh-Lewis said that this initiative is a strategic move for the department to primarily focus on the Social Studies HODs since they are considered the content producers and at times, assist in the delivery of such. “This cannot be an easy task for all of you being a teacher at some point and being responsible for your department… the department wishes to add to the nation-building as our revision speaks to a unified Guyana where diversity is embraced, conflict is resolved and networks and collaboration strengthened.”
The Acting Programme Coordinator said she is happy to continue the partnership forged between the department and the ministry as it not only pushes the educators to motivate their peers but ensure the nation’s future leaders are better prepared.

Launched in July 2018, the initiative resulted from the direction given by Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry, to enlighten teachers about how the education system needs to cater for diversities and the need to promote inclusivity.

It was highlighted that similar workshops will be taken to 13 teachers in Region 3, Essequibo Islands-West Demerara, for June 20-21. It is hoped the same will be done in the coastland regions by September month-end and the hinterland regions during the Christmas Season.

Quality Assurance Officer attached to the Ministry of Education, Tiffany Robertson said this initiative signifies the ministry’s effort to ensure that no child in any educational institution experiences any form of discrimination. This, she said, can only be achieved once the diversity education system is implemented and monitored by relevant stakeholders.

“It is our belief that this programme will essentially allow students to be exposed to a wide array of ideas, culture and individuals… in my opinion, once you have a diverse education system within your curriculum, it is much easier to have an impact on young students. Once students are able to see persons who look like them, act like them or even sharing the similar experience, it will have an impact not only at an educational level but at the tertiary level. With this growing economy I definitely feel we will be able to strengthen such education.” Robertson hopes all educators involved in this initiative will be able to not only impart this knowledge but train other relevant stakeholders.

Thus far, 81 teachers from North and South Georgetown benefitted from the department’s workshop.