─ first Career Day after 11 years of existence

Diamond Secondary School hosted its first ever Career Day and invited several other schools to visit, having been in existence for more than a decade. The school is located at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

Grade 6 Teacher of the Diamond Grove Primary School, Colis Dublin said it is imperative for his students to be there as they will soon be going off to secondary school having sat the 2019 National Grade Six (Common Entrance) Examination.news 20190614 7

“This is a stepping stone for them to make a choice as they get older, they can start making decisions on ‘what career I can go into when I get to that point?’ Instead of waiting for that last-minute scenario. At least if they have their future set aside, they would know this is what I want to be when I get older.”

One child, Emmanuel Hall, who was inspired to become a lawyer, was amazed by the options available at the Career Day activity.

It was explained that the hosting of this activity was considered to help students narrow their selection for class streams.news 20190614 2 “I want my students to be able to have enough information to make the right choice,” explained Head Teacher of the Diamond Secondary School, Lesmeine Collins.

Third former of the Diamond Secondary School, Winston Davidson believes every child must dream big. He expressed the desire to be a paediatrician. “I will study hard to know exactly what to do and reduce the number of children dying.”

His mother, Vanessa Higgins is of the view that parents should be supportive of their children’s chosen career path.news 20190614 3

The successful event saw several agencies present including University of Guyana’s Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Cacique Accounting College, National Accreditation Council, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Qualfon, Grove Health Centre, Ministry of Social Protection and the Ministry of the Presidency.