- Education Ministry continues to upgrade educational infrastructure

More students across Guyana have access to an improved learning environment as the Education Ministry continues to upgrade educational facilities nationwide.

Just recently, Education Minister, Dr. Nicolette Henry commissioned a new $33M Nursery School in Calcutta, Region 5.

The school was constructed with the needs of the learners in mind and provides a conducive learning conducive environment which is a significant step up from the previous facility where the students were housed.

Headteacher of Calcutta Nursery, Candace Griffith said that the school was previously housed in the bottom flat of the Primary School which she also described as ‘uncomfortable’. She said the construction of this new building her teachers can deliver the curriculum in an environment that is favourable to learning.

Minister Henry is confident that the school will improve the delivery of education for young students.news 20190628 She pointed out that the school’s construction is in keeping with the government’s commitment to providing quality education for all.

“Whether they live in Georgetown or whether they live outside of Georgetown, education should happen in an environment that is appropriate and conducive for learning,” Minister Henry stressed.

Additionally, she explained that having an appropriate classroom and learning environment is paramount to the improved delivery of education and as such, her ministry continues to make strides in this regard.

“[This building] certainly is an upgrade from what you previously operated in. It is an appropriate facility for learning to take place,” she reiterated.

The minister further encouraged the teachers, parents and education officers to “change lives and we will transform minds.” She also applauded the teachers and education officers for their stewardship and commitment to the improvement of the sector.

The education sector has remained the most heavily funded sector under the Coalition government, Minister Henry explained.

“We believe that through education, we can contribute in large ways to the development of our people. In fact, it is a mandate of the education sector and we take that very seriously,” she said.

It remains the vision of the government to bridge any disparities existing within the education sector to ensure that every child is afforded a quality education.

Over the last few weeks, more than $128M was expended to improve the quality of education in Regions 5 and 6.

The education sector has been allocated a total of $52.2B for 2019. In his Budget presentation, Finance Minister Winston Jordan said of that amount $5.4B has been allocated for the construction, rehabilitation, extension and maintenance of educational facilities across the country. As the govt advances these infrastructural works across the country students are benefitting from improved physical conditions and additional classroom space.