-both gained 532 marks of 536 possible marks

̶ Improved performance at Public Schools

̶ Mathematics Camps hailed a successful initiative

—Rural and Hinterland schools record improved performance

Twelve-year-old (12) Graham’s Hall Primary School student Dave Chowtie and Vennisha Lall of CV Nunes Primary School have topped this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

Chowtie, who just two months ago emerged the victor in the Department of Education’s Math Quiz competition 2019, related his gratitude to God, his parents, other family, teachers and fellow classmates who were his support system going into the examination season.

“I wasn’t expecting this!” Chowtie told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

Venisha Lall, like Chowtie, gained a total of 532 marks out of a possible 536.

Other schools who produced students in the top ten positions were Novar Primary School (Region 5), CV Nunes Primary (Region 2), Success Elementary School (Region 4), Academy of Excellence (Region 3), Marian Academy, Maes Under 12 Primary, Josel Educational Institute and The New Guyana School (Georgetown).

The examinations, sat by more than 14,000 students were held countywide on April 17 and 18, 2019.

The students were tested in 4 subject areas; Mathematics, English Language, Social Studies and Science.

Below is a list of the performers who secured a spot in this year’s top ten.

More details in a subsequent report.

Top 10 NGSA Performers

1st (532)

Dave Chowtie – Graham’s Hall Primary School

Venisha Lall – CV Nunes Primary School

3rd (530)

Shirish Persaud

Ruth Lawson – Academy of Excellence

Ethan Bianchini – Marian Academy

Shivali Challu – Mae’s Under 12

7th (529)

Sarita Somai – Success Elementary

Ajala Maharaj – Marian Academy

9th (528)

Sarah Johnson

Jaaya Shiwraj

Aditya Sharma Academy of Excellence

Maaseiah Salikram

Akaia Griffith – Success Elementary

Umashankar Singh – Novar Primary

Devine Amsterdam – New Guyana School

Malene Crandon- Josel Educational Institute

Narindra Singh – Marian Academy