― students share their excitement!

Graham’s Hall Primary student Dave Chowtie and CV Nunes Primary student Venisha Lall both copped this year’s coveted top spot at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

It became an emotionally charged atmosphere during the announcement of the NGSA results as each student learned of their successful performance and ranking at this year’s examination.

Chowtie who was part of the Ministry of Education’s Mathematics Camp said he was pleasantly surprised by today’s announcement.news 20190708 3

“I didn’t expect this to happen but I’m glad,” an elated Chowtie told the Department of Public Information.

“First of all, I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for guiding me through this and giving me the wisdom. I also want to thank my teacher Miss Edna Daniels who really worked hard with us. She really dedicated her time and energy into putting all of it into us, also my parents, all the teachers at Graham’s Hall Primary who supported me and my colleagues,” Chowtie said.

CV Nunes student Venisha Lall, who also shared the top spot gaining 532 marks exclaimed that she is grateful and happy.news 20190708 2

“I’m really excited. I worked very hard, but I had fun at the same time,” Lall said.

Aspiring Lawyer Ajala Maharaj, a student of Marian Academy who scored 528 marks said she worked hard and is very pleased with her results and is thankful for her parents’ and teacher’s support.

“I’m surprised and excited!” Maharaj noted.news 20190708 7

Marian Academy’s Top Boy Ethan Bianchini, 12, said the result was ‘shocking’.

“When I went into that exam, I didn’t know that I would’ve done this good; the top ten! This is amazing,” the aspiring architect said.

Eleven-year-old Josel Educational Institute student Malene Crandon said she has done her parents and her school proud.news 20190708 9

“I’m very excited, overjoyed. I have tears of joys in my eyes. I just know my family will be proud,” Crandon explained.

Another top performer, Shivali Challu of Mae’s Under 12 Primary, was confident of her successful performance at the examinations.

“[I am] really excited, like…very! I knew I’d [do well] but not in the top ten,” She said. “I worked a lot and I studied very hard.”

The 11 and 12-year old students have big dreams for their futures ranging from pediatric care to robotics to one day becoming the President of Guyana.news 20190708 8

Presidential hopeful Devine Amsterdam of the New Guyana School said she has made worthy all the sacrifices of her parents.

“I am happy because I worked hard to achieve my goals. My parents would be really happy because they put so much effort [into my education].”