Eleven-year-old Chitra Ramdihal of Cropper Primary and Pawan Ketwaroo of Cumberland Primary School share the position of top students for Region 6 at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

Both students secured 520 marks and earning them a spot at Queen’s College. The top performers said they are extremely proud and overjoyed with their success.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Ramdihal said while she was confident of her performance, certain sacrifices had to be made including less time on gadgets and watching television. These, she acknowledged, paid off in the long run.

The shy eleven-year-old said she credits her success to God, her parents and teacher who supported and encouraged her through her academic journey. Ramdihal aspires to become a lawyer so she could help persons and make a difference in their lives.

Meanwhile, Ketwaroo has plans to become a doctor.news 20190708 15

He said he has always dreamt of taking care of sick persons and giving them an opportunity to live a healthy and better life. Ketwaroo explained that the key to his success at the examinations was regular study and revision of his work every day. He encourages other students to practice the same method as it makes it easier during exams.news 20190708 16

In the third position, and also from Cropper Primary is Gabriella Henry. She gained a place at the Bishops’ High School after achieving 517 marks. Henry’s encouragement to other students who will be writing the examinations next year is, “Work hard if you fail get up and try again. It doesn’t matter what people say; just do what you can to the best of your ability.”

The very eloquent young lady has not decided on a career path for the future but mentioned she hopes to be many things including a future president, lawyer or doctor. She is the current student body president at her school and noted that has been a rewarding experience and she can see herself making tough decisions and governing a county.news 20190708 19

Cropper Primary has performed consistently at the NGSAs over the past years, with students placing among the top one per cent in the country.

Headteacher of the school, Corletta Park expressed gratitude to the teachers for their dedication and commitment.

“These teachers worked beyond the call of duty and I am pleased about that. Our children are well disciplined and can work with or without supervision. Cropper has been doing well over the years and we will continue to upkeep that.”news 20190708 26

The school produced four of the top ten students in the region. The other two students are Marissa Siriram of Lot 321 Kilcoy Chesney and Vikash Nadesan of Lot 19 B. Nigg Public Road both achieved 514 and 513 respectively and gained a place at Bishops’ High School.

Meanwhile, Brianna Isaacs of All Saints Primary in New Amsterdam hopes to become a Paediatrician. She placed fourth with 516 marks and was also afforded a spot at Bishops High School.

Meanwhile, Jaeden Conway of School of the Nations and Hemesh Bhigroog of Port Mourant Primary tied at the 6th who both gained 513 marks. Conway said his love for animals is the deciding factor in his plan to become a veterinary surgeon while Bhigroog hopes to become a Cardiologist.

In the 9th and 10th place respectively are Bhawanie Yabindranauth of Skeldon Primary who gained 512 marks and Aedan Sanmoogan of Cumberland Primary with 511 marks. They both were placed at St. Stanislaus College.