─ govt reforming the education system and its delivery

The government of Guyana continues to make waves in reforming the curriculum of its education system and more importantly, in the ways that it is being delivered. Minister of Education, Dr. Nicolette Henry, spoke at length on these issues during a community Meeting in Vryheid’s Lust on Saturday.

“We have taken the development of our people very seriously over the last four years, and so we have begun the process of curriculum reform. The reason why I am saying this to you is so you can understand that since 1976, this is the first time this country is going through such an extensive reform of its curriculum, it, therefore, means something to us.”

What this means is that for most persons, the curriculum that would have been used to teach them was also used to teach their child. news 20190709 35Minister Henry pointed out that this is far from an ideal situation. Also, on the forefront for the Ministry of Education is ensuring the delivery of Special Education Needs (SEN) for those students that require it.

Minister Henry informed the residents that her ministry has already started work in this area.

“Since this government came into being, we have opened a diagnostic centre for special education needs… Teachers will be trained not only from Guyana but in the region at that centre so that they could make the appropriate diagnosis of children who have conditions that will not allow them to reach their full potential.”

As such, the process for inclusive education has begun and is already underway. There are also courses being offered for Physical Education (PE) teachers at the Cyril Potter College of Education which helps to encompass and facilitate a holistic approach to education, ensuring that youths who leave the education system, will do so well-rounded.