— ProFuturo-Guyana project launched

— over 5,000 students to benefit

As the government forges ahead with advancing the education sector, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the ProFuturo Foundation, today launched ProFuturo-Guyana.

Guyana is the first country in the Caribbean to launch the project which will target close to 400 teachers and over 5,000 students at the primary level in Regions 1, 6 and 10.

Minister of Education, Honourable Dr. Nicolette Henry, in brief remarks at the launch, said the project will change the way students solve problems, research information and learn, as Guyana advances in the global digital era.

“I believe a robust education is the single most important development witnessing certainly the catapulting of traditional education to digital learning, particularly during this phase of global technological advancement.”

The Honourable Education Minister noted that schools must develop conducive environments, where ideas can be tested, and students encouraged to utilise their imagination.news 20190712 1

“It is my view that a robust education system is one that does not operate in a silo but one that highlights and encourages integration… Whether you live in the hinterland or not, you must be exposed to good quality education.”

The project will be used to provide a quality, equitable and inclusive education for all, according to Chief Education Officer (CEO), Dr. Marcel Hutson. “For many years, we have always advocated that we need to move beyond the chalk and talk and find ways to engage our children and to motivate them so that they can integrally involve in the teaching and learning process.”

ProFuturo is an education programme launched in 2016 by Telefónica Foundation and “La Caixa” Foundation, aimed at closing the education gap in the world by providing quality digital education for children in vulnerable environments.

The project comes at a time when Guyana’s education curriculum is being renewed and will act as a compliment. The project is expected to be expanded countrywide.news 20190712 2

The Primary Schools targeted in Region 1 includes Mabaruma, Hosororo, Barabina and Wauna. In Region 6, All Saints, Betsy Ground, Cumberland, Edingburg, Fort Ordinance, Gangaram, New Amsterdam, Overwinning, Rose Hall, Estate, Sandvoort, Sheet Anchor, Lochaber, St. Aloysius and St. Therese’s Primary. Meanwhile, schools targeted in Region 10 are Amelia’s Ward, Coomacka, Mackenzie, One Mile, Regma, St. Aidens, Watooka Day, Wismar Hill, Christianburg and Bamia.