…planning begins for the new school term

Minister of Education Dr the Hon. Nicolette Henry today met with Regional Education Officers (REdO’s) and other senior officials from the ten administrative regions. The meeting was held at Umana Yana and also saw presentations from the Chief Education Officer Dr Marcel Hutson and Deputy Chief Education Officer (DCEO)-Administration Ms Ingrid Trotman.

In her remarks Dr Henry said that it is important that as public servants it is should be understood that proper service has to be provided throughout Guyana by the officers. news 20190712 3The Education Minister reminded them that they are in leadership positions because someone believes in their ability and therefore they should discharge those duties with the highest degree of professionalism.

The officers were advised to work collectively since there are great values in cooperating and collaborating because it is this approach according to Dr Henry that will catapult the education sector going forward. news 20190711 13Additionally, the Education Minister said that planning should commence for the new school term and that officers across the country should ensure that the opening of school happens without issues.

Added to that Dr Henry said that although there have been improvements in the education sector, she said that more needs to be done for the development of the country’s human resources.news 20190711 18 In the case of the recently announced National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results, Minister Henry told the officers that she has the confidence that the results for the fours subject areas tested can soar beyond 50 per cent.

Meanwhile CEO Dr Marcel Hutson charged officers to exercise humility and work for the benefit of their regions and those officers should endeavour to ensure improvements in their region. He said that it is an opportune time for officers to make a significant impact on the education system and it is in this regards he charged that as education officials officers have to believe in themselves. The former teacher said that it is important for officers and educators to look to new approaches in their quest for improvement.