“Guyana is depending on you!” Minister Henry implores awardees

“In this age of STEM, our human resource remains relevant and Guyana is depending on you, understanding that with education, the possibilities are endless so I encourage you young people to stay the courses.”
This was the advice from Dr the Hon. Nicolette Henry, Minister of Education at the evaluation and awards Ceremony for Thirty (39) students, at the Pegasus.
After completing one year of training the awardees are beneficiaries of the Volunteer Youth Corp Inc (VYC) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (stem) program conducted with financing from the Ministry of Education and Exxon Mobil. news 20190723 24
Minister Henry while commending the students for their commitment to hard-work and dedication highlighted these as pillars of success that should be duly celebrated.
"The Ministry of Education is encouraged by the work of Volunteer Youth Corp and other partners and we thank you for your continued support towards the delivery of education,” said Minister Henry. She encouraged the awardees as well as their colleagues following in their footsteps, to grab every opportunity with both hands as "education is the single most important tool towards self and national development".
Minister Henry reminded the students that come September robotics will be introduced into Primary schools as part of the Education curriculum for the first time.news 20190723 9 This means that Guyana is fast advancing to the first world’s standards of preparing its human resources to live in the science and Technology age.
Pivotal in her remarks, Minister Henry underscored the importance of the need for more youths staying in school so that they could enjoy more productive, rounded and successful lives as productive adults. “I implore you and Guyanese youths everywhere to stay the course and get your education, because we (current day adults) are depending on you to progressively take the country forward,
Minister Henry advised, you have all done well. I’m encouraging parents too to understand that the most important gift that a child can have from their parents aside from life is education.
Exxon Mobil's Operations Manager - Doug McGegee a Geophysicist sharing his motivational story said Math, Science and Technology drove him to be and enjoy the professional that he is today, travelling worldwide.news 20190723 10
He encouraged the awardees to focus on their career path as "Guyana is months away from being an oil producing nation" which means exciting times for the nation. "What we (Exxon Mobil) do is look for people with good analytical skills and having full knowledge of science helps much in this area for increased employment opportunities.
Goldie Scott, Director of VYC Inc in an overview of the programme says the project which spans several years is an after-school maths and science support programme, through which the children are exposed to training and interactions that is currently done at eleven schools with an increase number of teachers. news 20190723 13
She noted too that the program covers most science subjects with support and a stipend from the Ministry of Education and added that Biology would soon be added to the list. The goal Ms Scott said is to support the Ministry of Education programmes and caters for youth who want to advance their learning in the science and technology fields who wish to excel at CSEC.