The Georgetown District Children’s 2024 Mashramani Competition was launched on Monday at the National Cultural Centre (NCC). This year, the celebration is being observed under the theme ‘Celebrating our peoples and our prosperity.’


Principal Education Officer, Emmanuel Bridgewater

 Declaring the month-long event officially opened was Principal Education Officer, Emmanuel Bridgewater, who anticipates that this year’s event would be even more exciting than other years, as private schools will be involved. According to Bridgewater, the department received entries for the various categories of the competition from many of the private schools across the city, while almost all public schools sent in theirs.



 One of the primary schools dancing in the religious belief category “As soon as the theme was confirmed and shared with us our teachers began to prepare children for these competitions. The activities planned…for children are dances, masquerades, poetry, costume competition, choir presentation, and physical display,” the education official stated. He said the competition will see both the primary and secondary performing at the venue, while the nursery schools will host their competition at local community grounds near them.

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 Primary school children in attendance at the launching of the 2024 Georgetown District Children’s Mashramani Competition Primary school students participated in the dance competition on Monday, which was divided into the categories of religious beliefs, games we play, old days, and fantasy. The hosting of Mashramani competitions in all regions across the country is done annually to get the children involved in the celebration of Guyana becoming a Republic state. As such, Republic Day is celebrated each year on February 23. However, the Ministry of Education hosts various celebrations to commemorate the event leading up to the date.