The Ministry of Education’s Placement Examination is offered to students of private schools
requesting to enter/re-enter a public school, and for re-migrant students wishing to enter a public

Also, students in the public schools can write this examination to enter a higher list school than
they are attending. The Placement Examination is offered in July of each calendar year. For each
grade there is an English and Mathematics Objective Type test.
What is a Placement examination?
‘Placement’ examinations by nature are examinations which attempt to place students to higher level
of school, given NOT only an aptitude score BUT also availability of space and accommodation.
The Placement Examinations will be written in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and Georgetown.
Who can write this examination?
1. Remigrant children who want to enter the public secondary school
2. Students from private schools who would like to enter or re-enter a public school
3. Students from public schools desirous of attending a higher list public school
NB. The ‘Entry into grade 7’ examination will only be offered to remigrant children.
Description of Examination
Each test is an Objective Type (Multiple Choice) and will consist of:
✓ For Entry into Grade 7 and 8 - 45 questions each
✓ For Entry into Grades 9 and 10 - 60 questions each
The table shows the curriculum to be tested for each grade.


Administration of Examination
This examination will be administered under all examination regulations and protocols applicable.

Results and Awarding of Places – at National Schools
-Awarding of Places
• Awarding of places at National schools will be dependent on the percentage attained from the
examination AND the number of places available at the schools.
• The cut-off or range of marks to qualify for entry into a National or higher list school will be
dependent on the overall performance of the cohort of students writing the examination.
There will be NO reviews of results and/or marking of this examination.
Application and Criteria
Applications forms can be uplifted at any Regional Educational office or Georgetown Education
Department at 68 Brickdam. Soft copies can be downloaded from the MoE’s website at:


 Applications can be completed and submitted online.
The following criteria must be met to qualify:
✓ Remigrant students must present to the Regional Education Officer/Placement Officer travel
documents and report card to verify their status.
✓ Students from private schools desirous of being transferred to a public school must present
to the Regional Education Officer/Placement Officer their report card and any other documents
to verify their status.
✓ Students from a public school desirous of attending a ‘higher list’ public school must attain:
1. An average of 75 % or above for the academic year of the exam.
2. AND 75% or above in Math and English for the academic year of the exam.
Candidates must present their report card/book to the Regional Education Officer/Placement
Officer on or before the deadline stated.
✓ Students must complete the grade lower than the grade entering in September 2023.
Eg. If writing ‘Entry to Grade 8’ examination, then the child must complete Grade 7.
Closing date for applications is 14 July 2023.
NB. 1. NO child will be allowed to write the examination if he/she does NOT meet the criteria or
qualify to write the examination OR failed to meet the application deadline.
2. Only re-migrant children can write the ‘Entry to Grade 7’ Examination.