The Ministry of Education wishes to inform parents and guardians that the marking of all the NGSA papers has been completed. Currently, the marked examination scripts are being processed nationally, and all systems are in place to guarantee the release of the results on June 11, 2015.

This is the third consecutive year that the MOE will be releasing the NGSA results promptly as indicated, through the continued enhancement of the overall quality management processes of the examination.
Approximately fifteen thousand two hundred (15,200) candidates wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) on Wednesday, 01 April and Thursday, 02 April, 2015.
This exam is a placement exam offered at the end of the primary cycle to determine which secondary school students will be placed. Four subjects are usually assessed, namely English Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Each subject will consist of two papers. English Language and Science were administered on 01 April, Mathematics and Social Studies on 02 April, 2015.