Regions Activity Date Time Location and other info
#1 Day of Sports Feb 7th   White Water/Mabaruma
Gospel Fiesta Feb 14th 10:00 h Mabaruma Recreational Centre Ground
Golden Jubilee Children’s Parade Feb 23rd   Fun for all the family in dierent locations across Region 1
Moruca Day Mar 14th    
Regional Science Fair Mar 18th    
Kumaka/Mabaruma Regatta and Street Fair Mar 26th    
Career Day – Kumaka Resort - Mabaruma April 5th    
Career Day – Matarkai – Port Kaituma April 7th    
Career Day – Moruca April 16th    
Matarkai Day May 7th 10:00 h  
Moruca Day - Village Day Fair May 14th    
Independence Ball May 28th    
#2 Film Festival Launch Feb 27th   Anna Regina Secondary
Community Day of Sport Feb 28th 10:00 h Anna Regina Community Centre Ground
Dedication of Unity Park May 22nd  

Perth Village, Essequibo

#3 Jubilee Chutney Competition Finals Feb 20th 20:00 h Uitvlugt Community Centre Ground
Janet Jagan Memorial Sports Mar 28th  

Leonora Track and Field Sporting facility

Jubilee Literary Festival Continues May 7th 09:00 h  Parika Market Square 

Literary Festival - Playwriting Workshop

May 16th   Anna Regina Multilateral School 
Literary Festival _ “Future Tense” May 22nd   Isika
#4 Photographic Exhibition Feb 12th   Arthur Chung Convention Centre
Masquerade Competition Feb 14th 10:00 h Victoria Village

Children’s Talent Competition

Feb 17th 09:00 h National Cultural Centre
Family Fun day with Greasy Pole Feb 19th    
Golden Jubilee Children’s Costume and Road Parade Feb 20th   Starts at The Parade Ground at 10 a.m and ends at the National Park.

Republic Bank Panorama Steel Pan Competition - Minors

Feb 28th   Theatre Guild
Republic Bank Panorama Steel Pan Competition Finals Feb 28th   Cliff Anderson Sports Hall
Golden Jubilee Phagwah National Holiday Mar 23rd   National Stadium
Regional Expo Mar 26th   National Stadium
Best Village Competition April 1st    
Steel Pan Competition continues April 18th   Arthur Chung Convention Centre
 Steel Pan Competition continues April 22nd    Tipperary Hall 
 Community Day April 24th    Golden Grove ECD 
 Steel Pan Competition continues April 29th     National Cultural Centre
 Guyana International Music Festival  April 30th    National Stadium
 Guyana Music Awards May 1st   

The National Cultural Centre 

 Jubilee Literary Festival May 2nd    National Library 
Jubilee Literary Festival - Lecture and Round Table Discussion May 3rd   National Library
Fine Art Festival – National Collection May 4th   Castellani House
Jubilee Literary Festival continues May 5th 18:00 h Indian Monument Gardens (Camp and Church Streets)
National Theatre Festival May 6th 20:00 h

The plays will be held on all of
the four weekends of the month at
the Theatre Guild, and if possible
during the week as well.
Plays will be showcased from 8pm each night. 

National Swimming Competition  May 8th  10:00 h Aquatic Centre 
 Jubilee Literary Festival - Playwriting Workshops  May 9th 10:00 h The National Cultural Centre 
Literary Festival - The Arts and Criticism  May 10th    The National Library 
Jubilee Literary Festival - New Digital Media and Literacy   May 12th   The National Library 
Health @ 50 in Guyana – P.A.H.O/W.H.O  May 12th   

Launch of the Progress Health Report (1966 – 2016) and a
Photo Gallery Book @ The Marriot Hotel (Invitation Only) 

 Health @ 50 in Guyana – P.A.H.O/W.H.O May 12th   

Dinner Honoring Persons of Outstanding Health Contributions
@ The Marriot Hotel (Invitation Only) 

Health @ 50 in Guyana: Symposium – P.A.H.O/W.H.O May 13th    
Independence Swim Meet for Physically Challenged Persons May 13th   National Aquatic Centre
GUY EXPO May 13th -15th    
Golden Jubilee Totem Unveiled at Umana Yana May 14th    
Country Wide Road Race - Cycling May 14th 10:00 h Cross- country that will run from Timehri to East Coast Demerara.
Literary Festival - Publishing Workshop May 17th   The National Library
Literary Festival - Meet The Guyana Prize for Literature Laureates May 19th   The National Library
Jubilee Festival May 19th - 22nd   National Park
The Golden Jubilee Literary Street Fair May 20th  

Avenue of Republic, Georgetown

May Queen Pageant May 20th    
Guyana Action Committee Gala May 21st    
Miss Guyana World Pageant May 22nd    
National Symposium May23rd-24th   Arthur Chung Conference Centre
Autobiographies and Biographies of Iconic Creative Artists May 23rd    
Legacy of Iconic Guyanese Women Launch May 23rd   Arthur Chung Convention Centre
The Legacy Of Female Icons May 24th    
Prize Giving Ceremony May 24th    
Float Parade May 26th   Details to follow
GTT Mega Event May 26th    
Elite League Football Championship May 27th    
Football  May 28th   National Stadium
Finals of the 10/10 Softball cricket Competition May 28th   National Stadium
Banks DIH Mega Concert May 28th    
T – 20 Cricket May 29th   National Stadium
Culture Night May 29th    
Village Day Launch

June 4th


Cane Grove

June 11th   Victoria
June 18th   Chateau Margot
June 25th   Diamond
July 2nd   St. Cuthbert’s Mission

Film Festival – Continues

Mar 26th

10:00 h Mahaicony Secondary School
Jubilee Literary Festival - Play writing Workshop May 13th   New Amsterdam Multilateral Secondary School
Independence Horse Racing Cup May 22nd    
#6 Cavalcade of Sports Feb 21st 10:00 h Area H Ground Rose Hall Town
Cheddi Jagan Memorial Multi-Discipline Sporting Day

Mar 6th


It will be held in East Berbice-Corentyne where he was born

Film Festival – Continues Mar 22nd   New Amsterdam Multilateral School
Jubilee Literary Festival continues May 6th 13:00 h

“Lunch with Mittelholzer”
New Amsterdam

Republic Road Jubilee Jam May 6th 21:00 h New Amsterdam
Inter-Secondary School Debating Competition May 14th 10:00 h  
Cavalcade of Sports May 15th   Albion Sports Club
Republic Road Jubilee Jam May 20th    
Police Gymkhana May 21st    
T – 20 Cricket May 28th   Albion Sports Club
#7    Film Festival – Continues Mar 19th  19:00 h  Bartica School
 Bartica Easter Regatta  Mar 26th-28th   Bartica 
 Gospel Fest April 21st-22nd    All churches in the Region will participate in this activity 
 Bartica Town Night April 23rd    Community Centre Ground 
Rugby 7’s World Cup Qualier April 23rd   Guyana vs St. Vincent/Jamaica
#9 Film Festival – Continues  May 14th    Lethem School 
#10 Adult Semi-Finals Feb 13th 10:00 h

Mc Kenzie Sports Club, Linden

Independence Sports Day May 11th 10:00 h  
Launch of Linden Town Week May 15th -  21st   The Market Square
Luncheon for the Elderly May 15th   Kwakwani Worker’s Club
Beach Volleyball May 15th   Famous Blue Water Creek in Linden
“Mic Up” Competition May 19th 18:00 h Riverfront Coop Crescent
Literary Festival - “Ottoman and We” May 20th   Yukuriba
“Tales of Our Fathers” Play May 21st    
Independence Exposition May 21st    
Boat Cruise May 22nd    
Football May 24th  

Regional Members Association Finals
Linden Sports Club (CONCACAF)

International Artiste Concert May 25th    
Nation Wide Flag Raising Ceremony to Commemorate the Republic Feb 23rd 17:00 h  
National Day of Prayer May 1st 07:00 h

The event will run all across the country from 07:00hrs
and will happen immediately after the flag-raising ceremony

National Unity Day May 11th    
National Trust - Architecture and Heritage Festival May 15th-28th   10am - 3pm each day
World Challenge Day May 25th    
Flag Raising Ceremony May 26th    
Other  Events  National Poetry Slam on the theme of Independence Starts Feb 1st - 23rd   Go to for further information
National Totem Run Launch Mar 2nd - 14th May    
Around Guyana in 50 days/nights Mar 4th   

[Open spaces around Guyana]
Go to for further information

Mobile bookstore and Swop shop   Mar 4th   [Open spaces around Guyana] 
Steel Pan Competition Regional    March 4    Covent Garden Secondary 
April 18    Arthur Chung Convention Centre 
 April 22   Tipperary Hall 
April 29     National Cultural Centre
National Easter Kite Flying Day  Mar 28th     

Legacy Project: Designation of a space,
in recognition of Guyana’s creative artists

May 13th     
Jubilee Literary Festival   May 14th    13:00 h “Lunch with Peter Kempadoo” 
20:00 h  My Bones and My Flute - Evening Boat Cruise on the Berbice River 
National Museum Day  May 18th     
Fusion of Cultures/ North West Awards Ceremony  May 21st     
Guyana Golden Jubilee Distinguished Lecture  May 23rd     
The Digital Tent  May 23rd     
 Book Launch - Coffee Table Publications May 24th     
 International Football Friendly May 25th     
Golden Jubilee Day of Independence  May 26th     
50th Anniversary Gala May 28th    
Police Gymkhana May 28th    
Bus Ride and Boat Cruise to Orealla May 29th    
Folk Festival May 31st