The Ministry of Education advises all parents with children born on or before 30th June 2011, that Registration forms are available at all Nursery Schools and Day Care Centres for admission to Nursery Schools in the new school year September 2014.
Please note, the Dates and Time for Interviews on the schedule below.

Application forms are also available here: School Placement Forms



Monday 17th

Tuesday 18th

Wednesday 19th

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st


Roxanne Burnham Nursery

Festival City Day care

St. Christopher Nursery

Agricola Nursery

Houston Nursery


Alexander Village Nursery

Industrial Site Day care

Little Learners playgroup

Ascension Nursery

Albouystown Nursery

Selman Fraser Nursery

St. Jude’s Playgroup

We Care Day care

Blessed Children Day care

Sacred Heart Day care


Monday 24th February

Tuesday 25th February

 Wednesday 26th February

Thursday 27thFebruary

 Friday 28th February



South Ruimveldt Nursery

Polly’s Nursery

Butterfly Day care

Enterprise Nursery

Antioch Playgroup

Morning Joy Playgroup

Liana Nursery

East Ruimveldt Daycare


Desel Day care

Agape Academy Day care




Monday 3rd

Tuesday 4th

Wednesday 5th

Thursday 6th

Friday 7th


Smyth Street Nursery

Heavenly Sunshine Day care

Charlestown Day care

Desnel Day care

Tender Heart Day care

South Road Nursery

Cherished Lambs Nursery

Starters Nursery

Mother’s Union Day care

East Street Nursery

Pooh’s Corners & Playgroup

Green Acres Nursery

Headstart Nursery

Open Bible Day care


Monday 10th

Tuesday 11th

Wednesday 12th

Thursday 13th

Friday 14th


Sherman’s Nursery

Carmelita Nursery

St.Gabriel’s Nursery

Queenstown Nazarene Day care

Gitts & Hinds Learning Centre

Mother’s Union Day care

Sacred Play group

Precious Jewel’s Nursery

Tender Care Day care

Juliet Griffith Day care

Stella Maris Nursery

Glowing Star Day care

J.E. Burnham Nursery

Gacestock Nursery

Kiskadee Playgroup

World Vision Playgroup


Monday 17th

Tuesday 18th

Wednesday 19th

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st



Happy Hearts Nursery


Happy Angel Daycare

Bel Air Nursery

‘C’Field Sophia (Reg. at Bel Air Nursery

Sophia Nursery (Reg. at Bel Air Nursery

Carol’s Nursery (Reg. at Bel Air Nursery


Little Blessings Day care

South Road Day Care

Kiddies corner Playgroup

Cheroshed lamb Day care

Raphael Day care