• Children’s Mash Costume Parade featured a vibrant display of Guyana’s rich heritage

    Thirty-eight groups of young Guyanese dressed in colourful costumes vibrantly made their way through the streets of the capital city, as they took part in the Children’s Mashramani Costume Parade, on Saturday.

  • Mashramani – A true Guyanese celebration

    Mashramani!!! This is celebration for a job well done or as most Guyanese know it as, celebration after hard work. Mashramani is a Guyanese tradition that is celebrated by all ethnic groups.news 20170223

    Despite the inclement weather, Guyanese turned out in their numbers to witness the beautiful display of colours showcased by the participating costume bands parading along Brickdam. Most importantly, the unity among Guyanese was very noticeable.