The main objective of the Education Planning Unit is to provide effective support to the Ministry of Education in its development, implementation and monitoring of education policies and plans. 
Key Functions are:
To prepare long and short term education plans that relate to national development plans;
To collect, tabulate, analyse and report on statistical data and indicators for the education system;
To monitor and evaluate the plans, programmes and projects of the Ministry;
To assist in the preparation of project proposals so as to acquire funding from national and international agencies.
Important outputs under the various functions:
  • National Education Strategic Plans
  • Regional Education Plans
  • School Improvement Plans (SIP)
  • Action Plans for important strategic objectives e.g. for special education, universal secondary education, teacher education and training, technical and vocational education, Information and communication technology etc.   
  • Capital Estimates on annual basis
  • Annual Education Statistical Digests
  • Statistical reports to national, bilateral and   international agencies e.g. PRSP reports to Ministry of Finance, Reports to the UIS, IDB, World Bank etc.
  • Indicators to assist MOE in monitoring progress, or lack of it during the plan period. E.g. enrolment ratios, repetition rates, drop-out rates, percentage public expenditure on education at the various levels etc.    
  • Consultation with Stakeholders in the development of the plan/s
  • Coordinating the writing and review of the plans
  • Presentation of the plans to various agencies
  • Collection and entering of data from educational institutions through the annual statistical questionnaire administered to all schools
  • Training of regional and school administrators in aspects of planning, statistics and monitoring.