Management Information Systems Unit is a sub-unit of the Central Planning Unit.

In today’s environment where science and technology play vital roles, the MIS Unit in the Ministry Of Education (MOE) holds the key for rapid progress and development, efficient utilization of resources, effective decision making and comprehensive monitoring of the system for timely interventions.

While the Unit is responsible for leading the MOE in the use of Information Technology (IT) as a tool for teaching and learning, with the provision of technology assisted education delivery solutions and the general administration of education in offices and schools, it has the much wider function of driving the data gathering, compilation and retrieval process in the Ministry. Through the process of networking, managers at all levels of the system will be able to access information and data throughout the entire system (including schools) pertinent to them, in a timely manner.

The other major function of this unit is the training aspect so that functionaries in the Ministry are computer literate and can make maximum use of the technology. The MIS Unit will also provide guidance to senior management on the opportunities and adaptation of emerging use of Education Information Technology solutions. It will also be responsible for the effective and efficient use of computer resources in fulfilling the strategic goals of the Ministry. Finally, the Unit is tasked with the provision of a reliable and secure computing infrastructure.