Monitoring of education delivery in the eleven Education Districts will be done by the Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting and Development Unit, headed by the Deputy Chief Education Officer (MERD) which will be located at Central Ministry. It will absorb some of the roles and functions of the School System Management Committee and all those of the Inspectorate Unit as regards quality assurance.

The MERD Unit will conduct a monitoring visit to each Education Department at least once per school term. An adapted version of the Monitoring Instrument for Professional Officers will be used to gather information on the management and supervisory practices of officers and school managers. A sample of schools will also be visited to validate the data presented on them by the officers, which will focus on learning and teaching and student achievement.

The MERD Unit will perform the following:

  1. Prepare an Annual Work Plan and Budget in support of the Unit’s objective of monitoring and evaluating Departments of Education and Schools and training of relevant personnel.
  2. Carry out scheduled and unscheduled visits to Departments of Education to assess the quality of management and supervision offered by officers. • Visit selected schools to validate information presented by the Departments of Education.
  3. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of established policies and practices, and report on findings.
  4. Identify administrative and pedagogical needs of Education Officers and professional school staffs and provide training opportunities for their continuous growth and development.
  5. Examine reports on visits undertaken by Officers of Departments of Education.
  6. Observe the officers of the Departments of Education operate in relation to school management and supervision.
  7. Prepare training packages to address needs of the schools and Departments of Education assist in its delivery.
  8. Arrange for feedback meetings with stakeholders.
  9. Provide termly and yearly reports to the Minister on the status of delivery of education in the regions and develop proposals for its improvement