Staff of the University of Guyana (UG) on Monday welcomed the new batch of 2018/2019 university students, at the George Walcott Lecture Theater (GWLT) at its Turkeyen Campus.

Registrar at the University of Guyana, Dr. Nigel Gravesande explained that the diversity of the student and faculty population has seen massive growth this year, with members coming from 35 different countries and all the administrative regions in Guyana.

Dr. Gravesnade congratulated the students on gaining successful entry to the various programmes offered at the university. “As you join this special community at UG, you need to know and understand what its purpose and core values are. We are a community of scholars engaged in the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.”news 20180830 12

The registrar told the students, that while engaging in the gathering of information at the tertiary institution, they should be invested in the details of knowledge making. “I urge you as new students beginning a journey in tertiary education, to never sacrifice the hallmarks of critical thinking and critical inquiry.”

Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Guyana, Professor Ivelaw Griffith encouraged freshmen to embrace and foster certain values in order to attain success. “The habituation of excellence is a value you want to practise if you want to be successful. The value of integrity must also be practised, you are not allowed to plagiarised.”news 20180830 11

Professor Griffith also advised them to make their university life worth the experience and by being involved in extracurricular activities on campus. “It is not just about the classes, do other things; join a club, get involved in sports, get involved in undergrad research, find other things and build relationships.”news 20180830 10

Over three thousand new students were enrolled at the Turkeyen Campus for the new academic year 2018/2019.