Minister of Education Dr Nicolette Henry today met with the entire student population of Richard Ishmael secondary along with the teachers. At a special assembly, the Education Minister encouraged the children to find other ways apart from violence to deal with diverging views and 20191128 7

She told the children that there is a certain behaviour that is set out in the school policy that they should at all times adhere to. Dr Henry told the students that any deviation from what is expected will be dealt with firmly.

The Minister of Education told the students that they should make maximum use of the educational opportunities that are available to them, and not be distracted by undesirable situations that are unproductive and will not help their development.

Additionally, Minister Henry told the children that they should be their brother’s keeper and the next time she visits the school she wants to hear good things about the 20191128 11

The Minister of Education also met separately with the teaching staff and had discussions with the teachers who gave feedback and shared suggestions. Minister Henry reminded the teachers that they are the mainstay of the Education sector and she will ensure that their welfare and safety are always of paramount importance.

Further Dr Henry told the teachers that the School’s Welfare Department will be utilizing the services of one of the Mobile Psychosocial Unit to address issues affecting both students and teachers at that 20191128 9

In addition, the students that were involved in the fight met with the Minister of Education were made to apologize to each other. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.