• Guyana Education Strategic Plan (ESP) 2021- 2025
  • External News: ‘Study hard and you will achieve greatness’ – NGSA 2021 top performers
  • Parenting Tip:Helping Your Child Think Through Decisions
  • Teaching Tip:Four Assessment Strategies for Distance and Hybrid Learning
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ngsa 2021 results

Launch of Risk Management Policy

Parents Tips

Helping Your Child Think Through Decisions

When my son was 5, he came home from a neighbor’s yard upset. “All the kids want to play soccer and I hate soccer!” He began to stomp up to...

Helping Your Seven-Year-Old Develop Independence and Self-Confidence

From taking their first steps to learning how to read, children gain self-confidence as they master new skills. This gives them the courage to continue to explore and expand their...

Your Child's Self-Esteem

Sometimes it's easy to notice when kids seem to feel good about themselves — and when they don't. We often describe this idea of feeling good about ourselves as "self-esteem."

Teaching Tips

Four Assessment Strategies for Distance and Hybrid Learning

A few ways to set up formative and summative assessments that provide an accurate picture of what students know.

Teaching Students to Transfer Their Learning to New Contexts

The start of a unit is a great time to encourage students to see how what they’re learning applies in different situations.

Effective Instructional Models for a Hybrid Schedule

It can be a challenge to engage students when they’re at school only a few days a week—station rotations and flipping the classroom can help.