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atlantic reader series

Parents Tips

4 kid-friendly lessons on leadership

As a leader, you’re shaping the minds of young professionals and preparing them to be leaders in the not-so-distant future. As a parent, you get the privilege of creating young...

5 Important Things Your Kid Won’t Learn in School

Anxiety in adulthood is often a product of our own ignorance on how to handle social and emotional situations healthily. The education systems of past generations considered skills such as communication...

How To Teach Your Child Self-Sufficiency

It’s never too young to start teaching toddlers self-sufficiency skills. Whether it’s helping your child to dress themselves, brush their own teeth or fetch a snack, acquiring the skills to...

Teaching Tips

Why Students Forget and How to Prevent it from Happening

It plagues both the third grader who forgets to bring a show-and-tell item to class and the advanced physics high school student who can’t recall a key bit of information on a crucial test. Students...

11 Rewards of Being a Teacher

If you are a teacher, I want to ask you a simple question: Why are you a teacher? If you are in it for the money, you are in the wrong profession.

9 Strategies for Getting More Students to Talk

While it is possible to learn by listening, I’ve found that oral participation leads to greater gains in student literacy and engagement. English language learners in particular benefit from ample talk time, but they are...