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Mr. Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike
 - Assistant Chief Education Officer – (Technical)

Mr. Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike, is originally from Nigeria. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
His exceptional performance as the best graduate of the Year in the Mechanical Faculty of ISPJAE with a first class honours, landed him another post-graduate scholarship. He completed this with a Master’s Degree in Thermal Energy, specializing in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

He is also a holder of another Master’s Degree in Education Management, Supervision and Planning.

As a specialist in air conditioning and refrigeration, he was employed at the GTI in 1998 to start the refrigeration full-time programme. Since then, Mr. Chinedu moved up the ranks at the GTI from the position of Lecturer II to that of the Principal in 2006, position he held until his transfer to the NATI.

He was the founding member and first president of the Guyana Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Association (GARVA). He has also worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Agriculture and the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP), through the National Ozone Action Unit (NOAU), to assist Guyana, as a signatory to the Montreal Protocol, to maintain compliance. During this time he had also undertaken the re-training of Technicians and Custom Officials, throughout Guyana, on the safe handling and management of Refrigerants used in the Air conditioning and Refrigeration sector.

Mr. Chinedu was in 2010 admitted as a Member of the prestigious American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
In 2011 he was transferred to the New Amsterdam Technical with a mandate to revamp the Institute and was recently, in October 2012, appointed to his current position – Assistant Chief Education Officer – (Technical).

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