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Dr. Seeta Shah Roath
 - Head of the Guyana Learning Channel.

 Dr. Seeta Shah Roath is the Founder and Head of the Guyana Learning Channel. A lifelong learner, she is an educator, and a practitioner in communications, international journalism, education, and television production.

Her experience includes the production of the children’s television instructional programs for the pilot study of GTV as a representative of the University of Guyana, where she taught hundreds of television producers and communications’ practitioners over the years.

Dr. Roath worked at OMAI GOLD MINES LIMITED for 15 years as the Public Communications Coordinator developing and producing communication strategies and multimedia products for rural communities, employees, and the general public in both Guyana and Suriname. Dr. Roath has also worked as a writer in the International Projects Department of the Washington Times, writing from Asia, Central & South America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Shah Roath has a masters in Education, Distance Learning/E-Learning and Adult Learning. She has a Doctorate in Education, Educational Leadership, and Curriculum and Instruction, with a quantitative research and development focus in Educational Technology.

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