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How to Be an Excellent Teacher

An excellent teacher cares about his students and wants them to grow as learners and people. It takes hard work and lots of energy to be an excellent teacher, but the rewards are worth it. Below you will find some quick tips on how to be an excellent teacher.

Explain everything clearly to the students. This goes for lessons, as well as classroom policies. Be clear and repeat information multiple times, if needed, so all students understand what you are saying.

Be ready to take those questions. Encourage students ask you questions, and be ready to give the best answers. Asking questions is an important part of the learning process, and you should encourage this at all times.

Listen to what your students have to say. Children often feel like no one listens to them. Take time everyday to really listen to your students. Show them that you care about what they have to say and think. This will enable you to be able to teach them better, and it will cause them to have greater respect for you.

Spice up learning. Make sure that your lessons encourage students to be active in their learning experience. Instead of explaining a lesson to them, have them explain it to each other or to you. Getting students more involved will make them more vested in the learning process. You can also spice up learning by utilizing creative lessons and encouraging students to act with innovation during the learning process.

Be fair to all students. Treat every student as an equal in the classroom. All of your policies and actions should relay this idea of equality. If students feel they are less than equal then they will often give up on a task because they feel they are substandard in your eyes.

Encourage confidence in your students. You can begin to do this by modeling your own confidence. Show students that you are confident in what you know and are also confident when you don't know something. Let them know you aren't afraid to ask questions to find out the right answer. Use praise to build confidence, and encourage students to stand up for what they think and believe in.


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