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pt-20130924-2Having a child go off to Nursery school is always marked by joy that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things; and marred by sadness that your baby is growing up and going on to bigger and better things! The best way to ease the transition to school is by doing some “homework” of your own to make yourself and your little scholar ready for the first day of “BIG school”.

In this section, we will look at four (4) important areas where you can help yourself and your child be best prepared for nursery school and a lifetime of success. These areas are:

Children at their earliest ages should learn and realize the importance of education in their lives. Some kids, however, may resist your efforts and insist on doing things their way. As a parent, your best teaching tool is your attitude. Having a positive attitude about reading and a curiosity about learning new things instills similar beliefs in your children. Show them that education is the ticket to fulfilling their dreams and having a productive life.
Every parent wants to raise smart kids and ensure that they meet their fullest potential. These steps will show you how to assist in your child's brain development and increase his intelligence.
Parents and preschool teachers shape the academic future of young children by using diverse tools, values and educational philosophies. The shared vision of building a foundation for educational success motivates parents and teachers to forge a positive relationship with each other, and therefore turn that vision into a reality. Good communication with your child’s preschool teacher is a cornerstone for establishing an effective partnership.
A teen's mood fluctuates like the stock market. Communicating with a teen is difficult when competing with text messaging. A teenager often gives the impression of being irresponsible. Teenagers need reponsibilities to prepare for being an adult. Having responsibility helps a teen to be responsible. Responsibilities for a teenager mean doing things around the house, completing homework, getting good grades as well as meeting other family expectations. It helps if a good foundation of guidance was laid when the teenager was a younger child. It is not too late to lay groundwork for a teen. These steps will go a…
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