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Saturday, 23 June 2018 11:25

$170M Golden Grove Secondary handed over

Yesterday, contractor of Golden Grove Secondary School (GGSS), Ivor Allen, officially handed over the keys to the newly constructed building to Regional Executive Officer (REO), Ms Pauline Lucas in the presence of Regional Education Officer, Ms. Tiffany Favourite-Harvey and Headmistress of the School, Ms Dolores Benjamin.
The police in B Division led by Commander Assistant Commissioner Lyndon Aves and Deputy Commander Superintendent Wayne DeHearte are continuing their community outreach. The latest areas of focus are visits and lectures to schools throughout the division.
– no rent until renovations are completed Teachers and nurses residing in Region 10 can soon look forward to renovations of the state houses in which they live. This decision was made by the Region 10 Councillors at the recently held statutory meeting.
The newly reconstructed Golden Grove Secondary School has been equipped with an elevator, making it the first school in the Region Four Education District to benefit from such facility.
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