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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 09:01

Senior Education Officials visit Region One

-This is proof that Guyana is moving forward -Barima-Waini residents

-Community Library on the cards

The days of Region One lagging in the education delivery process will soon be an issue of the past after much-needed community collaboration and intervention by the Ministry of Education.

Through a collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Regional Democratic Council, on Monday a team of Education officials led by Chief Education Officer (CEO) Mr Marcel Hutson engaged members of the Whitewater community in Region One (Barima Waini) with a view of hearing and addressing their concerns. The meeting that was held at the Whitewater Community Centre yielded much information that will inform decisions at the Ministry and Regional levels towards addressing their concerns.

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news 20180414 2– final COI report into education system to be eventually made public

Even as public school teachers await the inking of an agreement that will see them becoming eligible for a pay hike, Chief Education Officer [CEO], Mr. Marcel Hutson, is regarding the recently concluded negotiation process [which has paved the way for an increase] as a thorough one.
He revealed that the process was one that not only saw the teachers’ bargaining body, the Guyana Teachers’ Union [GTU], making solid recommendations in the interest of its constituents, but recommendations were also made by officials of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry’s recommendations, Hutson said, like those proposed by the GTU, are aimed at improving the education system in a general sense.

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news 20180414In order to conduct an inquest into the delivery of education in Region One, a team of Ministry of Education officials will be visiting the Whitewater community.

The move comes as part of a deliberate effort of the Education Ministry to ensure that equity and parity in education is evident across the regions, in a quest to realise universal access to education at all levels.

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