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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 08:30

Growth of sports moves a pace through athletic performances – Director of Sport Christopher Jones

news 20171010 2The outstanding performance of the recently returned athletes from the South America Youth Games held in Santiago, Chile, is a testament that development of sports in the country is moving apace.

Director of Sport, Christopher Jones, said, “I think, Guyana, in general, should give themselves a pat on the back because here again, we have our athletes participating in an international event representing our country and are able to make us proud with their performance.” Jones also thanked the Guyana Olympics Association (GOA) for its support of the 20171010 3

Vice President of GOA, Godfrey Munroe, declared the unity among the respective coaches was primarily responsible for the athletic accomplishments at the games. “The performance shows that we have a good group of young people to invest in and work with towards the 2018 Olympics Games in Buenos Aires,” Munroe said.

He observed that while the games allowed the athletes to gain more experience, it, however, highlighted that, “we (government and sports associations) really need to invest

more in sports”.

Badminton player Priyanna Ramdhani told the Department of Public Information (DPI) she was surprised at the stiff competition encountered. While satisfied with her placement, Ramdhani intends to train harder to be better prepared for the next competition.

Keevin Allicock, a boxer, said that the games encouraged team players to work together as a unit and be successful in their respective fields.

One of the coaches, Junior Hercules, said that though it is the first time most of the team players competed in such games, he is proud of their performance, noting that they have learnt a lot from their experience.


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