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Friday, 07 July 2017 10:16

Results of NGSA 2017…Public schools produce many candidates in top one percent

Although private schools have dominated a number of top performing places at the 2017 National Grade Six Assessment [NGSA], there were also a several public schools that have also stood out. Among the especially outstanding performers
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from public schools are Xiana Chabila of the Graham’s Hall Primary [523 marks] and Raj Seeram of the Swami Purnananda Primary [522 marks]. They were named among the top 10 performers.
But a number of other public schools have also produced top performing candidates. Among them are: North Georgetown Primary, St. Gabriel’s Primary, Windsor Forest Primary, Cornelia Ida Primary, Strathspey Primary, Watooka Day Primary, La Bonne Intention Primary, Uitvlugt Primary, Leonora Primary, Greenwich Park Primary, Saraswat Primary, Tuschen Primary, Winfer Gardens Primary, St. Margaret’s Primary, St. Aiden’s Primary, One Mile Primary, Belvedere Primary, Belle West Primary, Regma Primary, Meten-Meer-Zorg Primary, Zeelugt Primary, CV Nunes Primary, Sparta Primary, Golden Grove Primary, Friendship Primary, Vryheid’s Lust Primary, Clonbrook Primary, One Mile Primary, Rosignol Primary, Grove Primary, Peter’s Hall Primary, West Ruimveldt Primary, Montrose Primary, Enterprise Primary, Suddie Primary and Hague Primary.
A breakdown of the candidates as revealed by Minister of Education Nicolette Henry, suggests that among the top performing one percent of 2017 NGSA, Region One produced zero candidates, Region Two – four, Region Three – 38, Region Four – 35, Region Five – two, Region Six – one; Region Seven, Eight and Nine each produced zero, Region 10 – eight and Region 11 – 75.
More than 60 candidates of the top one percent are from public primary schools.
Meanwhile, securing the top performing place for the respective Education Districts are: Saskia Twahir of School of the Nations who was named the top performer of Georgetown [Region 11] and national top performer with her 524 marks; Korey DeCosta of Santa Roza Primary was named the top performer for Region One with 492 marks; Ramool Baboolall of CV Nunes Primary and Aryan Doodnauth of Sparta Primary, together secured 513 marks to top for Region Two; Amelia Sugrim of Academy of Excellence topped for Region Three with her 523 marks; Gabriella Roberts of Success Elementary also gained 523 to claim the top performing place for Region Four; Asa Molaha of Sapodilla School of Excellence with 515 marks secured top place for Region Five; Matthew Ramlochan of Belvedere Primary, also with 515 marks, was named the top performer for Region Six; Romain Downer of St. John The Baptiste Primary was named the top performer with 504 for Region Seven; Rajendra Dalchand of Monkey Mountain Primary with 480 marks secured the top performing place for Region Eight; Vidyani Campbell of St. Ignatius Primary with 507 marks was the top performer for Region Nine, and it was Miguel Emerson of Watooka Day Primary who was named the top performer for Region 10 with 517 marks.
Based on information provided by the Ministry of Education, the cut-off score for the Country’s Sixth Form Schools are: Queen’s College – 512; The Bishop’s High – 508; St. Stanislaus College – 504; St. Rose’s High – 501; St. Joseph High – 497 and President’s College – 485.
Minister Henry explained that as one of the ‘A’ Schools in Region Four, President’s College offers non-residential placement to candidates in Region Four from Mahaica to Cummings Lodge. However, candidates must have attained a minimum score of 485 marks in order to be eligible for placement there.
Additionally, a total of 291 residential places are offered to candidates from Regions One, Two, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and 10 who have attained scores of 485 marks and above, according to Minister Henry.
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