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One of the most important life-skills a human being can possess is the ability to read and write. Literacy is the bedrock of human existence. And as citizens of the world, it is our fundamentalduty to equip ourselves with the necessary tools of literacy so as to enjoy a better quality of life. Sadly though, the world is plagued by significant illiteracy that affects large populations of countries, particularly girls and women. The struggle against illiteracy is a real one. Countries must do all they can to ensure that illiteracy is eradicated and replaced by the enlightenment of literacy to the benefit of all. In Guyana, through a number of strategic interventions organised by the Government through the Ministry of Education, we have made consistent strides in ensuring that more Guyanese are becoming literate.

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Several businesses have confirmed their participation in this year’s Education Month observances. The Ministry of Education is pleased to announce that a number of businesses will be providing sponsorship for its“Give A Book” Tents on Monday, September 8 as Guyana joins the world in observing International Literacy Day.

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As Guyana observes Education Month 2014 Education Minister Priya Manickchand said while there is much to celebrate, there is much more work to be done to bring the education system to its optimal standard.
The Minister, in a statement to mark Education Month 2014, said the Government continues to do its part to provide adequate resources to service the Education Sector so that the nation’s future leaders are afforded the best education they can get have.
Education Month 2014 is being celebrated under the theme “Literate by Grade Four through consistent home, school and community involvement”.
Manickchand said as the Education Month theme this year suggests, the Ministry is paying strict attention to early childhood education.
She said the focus is on establishing literacy at an early age, ensuring young children grasp the concepts of literacy that are intrinsic to their further development in academia and life.

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