Ministry of Education, Guyana

Hon. Priya Manickchand and a delegation of Education Officials including Chief Executive Officer-Olato Sam, PS-Delma Nedd met with teachers, parents, head teachers and community members on Saturday, July 6.
From the onset of her address to the teacher, Minister Manickchand emphasised that education prepares people to be leaders in all the spheres of society which include the home, community and country.

“Guyana has been taking the lead in many areas…we help to contribute to saving the world by not cutting down our trees while at the same time we are putting food on our tables…we have a big contribution to make and the only place we could really make it is through the education system,” she posited.
Further, the business of making a better place is to ensure that Guyana’s children live better lives and that they can give their children more than what their parents gave them. However, this requires a partnership that cannot be escaped. This partnership is between the government, Ministry of Education, teachers, parents, the students themselves and the community. Each of those has varying duties.

Minister Manickchand also spoke to the teachers about the distribution of the uniform vouchers, distribution of exercise and text books and school feeding (juice and biscuit). She acknowledged that while the government is making these investments it is important that a good relationship be had between the Education Ministry and parents.

“A good parent does not have to have millions in the bank account…a good parent has to understand that they have to be supportive,” the Minister emphasised. She also spoke about the policies regarding automatic promotion, new age for entrance into nursery school, hot-line numbers, graduation fees and payments for test papers.

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Section of the meeting,Anna Regina
Section of the meeting,Anna Regina
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out-going R.Ed.O Ms. Leslyn Charles
Hon. Manickchand announced that
Ms. Baramdai Seepersaud (center
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